SPECIAL EDITION! 2004 MUNICH PROCEEDINGS!Advances in Companion Bird Nutrition Symposium in Germany. A full-day program, called Advances in Companion Bird Nutrition, took place on, March 6, 2004 in Oberschleissheim, Germany (immediately following the XIV DVG Conference on Avian Diseases in Munich). Sponsored by Harrison’s Bird Foods of the United States and Avifood of Germany, the basic to advanced course in avian nutrition was offered at no charge and was designed to explore the fieldwork, recent research and practical applications of organic formulated diets in psittacine and selected passerine birds.
Attention aviculturists: Eric van Kooten published the only scientific article on the effect of diet and aviculture results ever published to date in this publication. See how your results compare. Caution: if you don’t have similar records the comparison is void.

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